Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pharoh's Nest

It was finally Friday we've had three very hot days here in town and I couldn't wait to head for the coast, according to the local news it‚’s forty degrees cooler. The coast is only sixty-eight miles away, knowing I could be there in the next hour and a half was the kicker. I stopped at the house and threw a few clean clothes into a suitcase grabbed my bottle of sun tea and I was on my way.

The ocean air smelled great and the seventy-degree weather was perfect. I spotted a small run down motel off to the right side of the road. The marquee lights flashed of red to draw attention to the motel and the miss-spelled word was supposed to say vacancy's. As I opened the door to the lobby, there was an older woman sitting at the counter,She looked as if she were sleeping. Banging on the bell sitting in the corner quickly brought her to attention,pissed over my actions she screamed "What do you want",My reply was,"what do people usually want when they enter this dump?”

She looked at her ledger and mumbled room thirteen is open. "I'll take it,I said. Handing me the register She replied,"that will be forty dollars sir". I paid her the money and took the key from her soft wrinkled hands she smiled and while walking past me saying "follow me my dear man" we walked out side, pointing to the room, She then politely remarked "if you need anything else feel free to let me know". I unlocked the door dropping my bags into the wicker chair that sat along the wall.

I opened the double windows, to let some fresh air into the room; I flopped down on the queen size bed turning,the television on. About the time I started to get into CSI somebody knocked on the door I opened the door wondering, who it could possibly be, since I didn't know anyone in town. A beautiful young lady standing at the door, said hello,my name is Z,” Her hair was reddish orange,she had eyes of blue,that seemed to reach deep into my soul.

I invited her in to have a chat,and to find out why she came to my door. After she was there for awhile she admitted to me that her grandmother,sent her my way. Z said grandma,"is always trying to find me a man she told me that you had just came to town and she thought maybe I could show you the way around this sand pit". It sounded as if she didn't like the town her Grandmother lived in but the Idea sounded good to me. I asked if she had dinner yet?

She told me she would be glad to show me a nice restaurant just a few miles from town the food was great and it was a popular place to have dinner. I took a quick shower and shaved while Z went to get cleaned up herself. A little while later she came back to the motel room ready to go. We both jumped in the truck and headed to Pharohs Nest. We fed each other not-so-delicate bites of PITA bread smothered in gourmet spreads.

While we were heading back to the motel room Z asked if I had ever surfed She said “she would be glad to teach, me and that I'd love it once I get the hang of it. Since I had the rest of Friday, and Saturday, She thought we should get started right away She happened to have two surfboards at her grandma’s out back. We picked up the surfboards and headed for the beach, we were close enough it took all but ten minutes to get there.

Sadly the weekend was coming to an end. I did finally figure the stance out while surfing and I managed to ride a couple of small waves. The time had come for me to head for home,I didn't want to miss work Monday morning. I thanked Z for the great weekend and asked if I was to come back again would she teach me more surfing techniques. She smiled and said "Gladly" she asked me to call her when I made it home I told her I would and that I had a great weekend with her.


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True story or one you made up?

It's a great story...

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