Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Best Of Both Worlds

Copyright 2000 by Wildthing. All rights reserved.

Fifteen year old Greg sighed as he went into his room. Another day was over. A day were most of the time was spent inside a classroom, listening to the teachers boring lectures. After school he had, as usual, gone straight home. He had done his homework, and when he was finished it was time to go to bed according to his father. What kind of idiot said 'tomorrow is another day'? Saying that his life was boring was a big underestimation. His father dominated him.

And had done so ever since his mother died two years ago. That bastard expected straight A's on every single test, and Greg had little other choice than use most of his spare time studying. If he ever ended up with a B, he'd always get the usual speech that 'B stands for Bum!' Of course his social life suffered, and he ended up becoming known as 'Greg the Nerd'. Luckily tomorrow was Saturday. His father usually left him alone in the weekend.

With a yawn he undressed and went to bed. That was the last thing he ever did as a human. FLASH! He was in the middle of the forest. The air was cool and quiet, and the moon was glowing on the night sky. Together with the others he began howling towards it. Howl? FLASH! Greg jumped up from his bed. What the hell was that? One moment he was in bed, in the next he was howling towards the moon. Was it just a dream? But it had been so real. He had heard about flashbacks, but how could.

FLASH! He ran through the forest on all fours. It was dark, but that didn't bother him. With these eyes everything was broad like daylight. Ran? On all fours? FLASH! There it was again! “What's going on?” he muttered to himself. Could it be a bad trip? That might have been possible if he had done drugs in his past, witch he of course hadn't. Maybe he was simply going crazy. Greg noticed that his breath began to shorten and quickly sat down on the bed. “Calm down,” he thought. “It's nothing, it's just...”

FLASH! He was back in the forest. He and the other wolves were howling towards the moon. The other wolves? FLASH! Greg found himself on the floor, and now he beginning to get scared. He was really short breathed now, and his heart was racing dangerously fast. It felt like it was ready to jump out of his chest. Whatever was wrong it was serious. He struggled to his feet and was about to open the door to get some help. Funny, had the bed always been so small?

“It's almost like I…” He froze and watched the bed continue to get smaller for each second that passed. With a shock he understood it was he who grew. At the same time he felt that his muscles began to reformat themselves greatly. A sensation of heat washed through him. It wasn't painful, but felt like he suddenly was swimming in lava. In front of his own eyes his arms began thicken, his muscles becoming more defined. He continued to grow, a few centimetres at the time. Desperately he opened a drawer and pulled out a tiny mirror. And almost dropped it. The face he saw was his own, but in the mirror two amber eyes glowed back to him.

Greg was sweating profusely now, and he really did drop the mirror when it began to itch all over his body. “Now what?” he thought. He looked down on his chest and got the answer he didn't want. On his chest, hair began to grow at a fantastic rate. In seconds it spread to his shoulders, arms and legs. Gradually the hair thickened and became grey fur. Fur? Unable to do anything else out of pure shock, he watched the fur spreading and thickening across his body.

Greg wasn't stupid. He knew this wasn't some kind of hallucination. He also knew that something like this was physically impossible. And he didn't have the slightest idea on how to become normal again. Greg jumped when his bones began to crackle, pop and bend in a way no torturer would have thought possible. But it wasn't painful, although he knew it should have been. Yet, he made a cry of surprise when it began, and discovered that the transformation had affected his vocal cords as he heard his own deep, rumbling voice.

Finally his underpants gave after for the pressure by the increased mass. They fell to the floor just to reveal a body witch was completely covered in fur. At the same time his face began to elongate with a terrible sound. Together with the rest of his body, his hands grew to the point were they could crush bricks without straining. His row of teeth began to reshape in a way that would have impressed any dentist. The teeth sharpened and took new places, while others grew out where none had been before. A weak human mouth became powerful wolf jaws. His ears began moving to a point as his muzzle finished.

A funny sound from behind him got Greg to look over his shoulder. Behind him a tail swished from side to side. Just when he thought that all the changes were done, his wolf senses began to awake. A dog went by a few yards down the road, a squirrel sat in a tree right outside the window, insects crawled across the ground. His head simply flooded with smells and sounds. Only seconds later the wolf instincts hit him like a brick wall. The wolf in him didn't like to be locked up in a small room; it wanted to get out. It took all his willpower to remain where he was.

“No, no, no!” he thought. “My name is Greg, I am a human, not some damn wolf!” He blinked. Then he began laughing hysterical.

“Human? Let's see: I am six foot tall, I am covered in grey fur, I have some real heavy-duty claws, I have a tail, and generally looks suspiciously like a wolf. And I'm a human. What a joke!” Greg tried to stop laughing, because he knew that if he didn't stop now, he never would. “Easy now, Greg. This isn't so bad, of course not.” He took the mirror he had dropped, and began to examine his new self in more detail. A powerful jaw equipped with some VERY sharp teeth. Pointed ears. Amber eyes. Skin that was completely cowered in thick, grey, beautiful fur. And a tail that lived it's own life half the time. “Crazy.” He thought. And a few seconds later: “But pretty cool in a way.”

After a while even he had to admit that he looked good, in a wild way. He was an unbelievable combination of human and wolf. Even with the fur he could se his muscles, much more defined now. They were almost massive. His arms and legs were jointed just like a human. Greg began to like what he saw. “I'm a...werewolf.” He whispered. “I am a god damn werewolf.” Greg had always thought that werewolves was something drunkards and Hollywood had invented. Now he knew better. He put down the mirror and closed his eyes.

The instincts were there. He could still think like a human, but at the same time he could also think like a wolf. And that wolf wanted to get out of this tiny room. Greg opened the window and looked out. A human would not have been able to see longer than a few yards at most, but for Greg's eyes it looked like broad daylight. A gentle breeze rattled with the leaves, and above the treetops he could see the moon, bright and full. Driven by irresistible instincts, he jumped out.

For hours a creature, whose kind is considered a myth by most, ran from place to place in the forest. The wind played with the grey fur, and glowing eyes searched the surroundings. On the top of a ridge he stopped, his eyes glued to the moon. He let loose a deafening howl that could be heard several miles away. “From now on,” he thought with a grin, “the nights are gonna be so cool.”


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