Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th Of July

She never knew it was coming. I asked barb to go with me to the concert at Stewart Parks half shell--little jimmy was going to be there and I wanted to see Him, so did Barb. I took her to the Road House for dinner before the show so we had a great night. It's been the best fourth of July I've had for a while now. The fair will be coming up soon in August but this weekend coming up is Graffiti Weekend it's when all the Antique Car buffs get together with the community and show their cars,but the cars must be at least thirty years old. I remember when Graffiti night began in the eighties. The community voted for the name of the special weekend to be Graffiti Weekend.

It's now been twenty years ago, it seems to of just started yesterday, how time flys when your no longer young. There were over ten thousand at the half shell last night it didn't seem that many but it's what I heard on this mornings local news. The music was great and the fireworks were too. Barbara did a lot of dancing to the tunes and of course she laughed her ass off, the woman is always laughing it's why I enjoy her so much, She never seems to be angry She's My kind of women. I've known Barbara and her husband, for several years but they have since divorced, She moved into the Apartment Complex where I'm also living.

Now as the summer starts to disapear into spent memories of barbques and friendship gatherings. We have the Blackberry Festival in Sutherlin and then the fair. Finally september 2nd will be labor day the last holiday before school starts again. Seems the best time of the year slips buy so much faster than the cold winter rainy days do here. I have to move in may my two year limit will be up then. I haven't decided where I'll go but I'm looking to find the Sun. Some where I can find sunny days instead of dark, cold, gloomy, cloudy days. Oregon isn't the land for a Sun Worshiper like me .


Blogger Casie Maeve said...

So true, so true. I live in Washington, right above Oregon. Rainy, hot, muggy, and cold, otherwise called spring, summer, fall, and Winter.

You are such a good writer.


12:28 PM  
Blogger shmamber said...

Happy 4th of July you guys....

5:53 PM  

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