Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Lonely Road

It was a long lonely road on the way to Las Vegas but according to the newspaper it's the place I need to be if I want to find work. I packed up everything I owned and headed out to sin city. I drove for several hours through the Mojave desert, About seventy five miles out of Boron is when my truck died I looked down at the gas guage and sure enough it read empty to my surprise.

I jumped out of my pickup and started walking the lonely road that lay ahead of me. It was getting late in the evening in a couple of hours It will be dark but cooler it was all I could think of. The sweat had been running down my back and torso like a river for most of the time, I'd been walking. Just as the sun was setting, I could see head lights coming over the hill it was nice to see that someone else was on the same highway as I was.

Soon the black limo pulls up beside me as the back window slides down. I heard a nice soft voice asking me what in the hell are you doing out walking in this kind of heat? Let me guess she said the rusty brown pick up we seen six miles back belongs to you? The closest gas station is another thirty miles away by the time you get there the station will be closed. I'll call a tow-truck out to bring you ten gallons of gas. Finally the tow-truck arrived with the ten gallons of gasoline. I handed the lady a fifty dollar bill and thanked her for

her help and for being so kind it's not every day I meet people like you. She handed me her card as I opened the door to the rusty brown truck and sat down ready to head towards sin city once again. Once I started driving down the road I began reflecting on the events of the day how lucky I was when this pretty red head lady came my way.


Blogger shmamber said...

I am glad you had a rescuer; it would have been horrible to find out that the gas station was closed for the night!

Great story.

6:20 AM  

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