Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Drive-In Theater ( revised )

Drive in movies were a big part of our family when we were young kids Elvis presley movies were a big attraction back then. Dad would drive up to the speaker and roll down his window hanging the speaker inside so we could hear the movie. Sometimes the drive in didn't have speakers so we would tune in the sound on the car radio. My sister Shirley and I went to get popcorn and cokes she always hated that part people would just stare at us when we ordered twelve boxs of popcorn and nine small cups of coke then carrying all of it back to the car was a challenge to get it all there without dropping and spilling all of it.

There were usually two shows a night at the drive-in when one ended it was a clue to get to the snack bar and buy what ever you wanted giving the person who ran the projector enough time to set it up for the next movie. Usually there would be children playing on the swings or the slide during intermission waiting until the lights went off for the next movie to start. By the time the second movie started three or four of my brothers and sisters would be sound asleep in the back of the station wagon leaving only the older ones wide awake enjoying the movie.

Finally when I was old enough to go to the movies with my friends we would take our girl friends or at times it would just be the guys who went. I remember taking folding chairs and sitting beside the car to watch the movie and a few times we would take gregs fathers truck and sneak my brother and gregs nephews in the movie that way we would only have to pay for greg and I to get in . It was only a couple of bucks but we did it just to see if we could get away with it. Now days when I sit and reflect on the things that we had done becomes A Moment To Remember.


Blogger shmamber said...

I have only gone to the drive in a couple of times because I hate misquitoes!! They get so bad here....

I wish I could enjoy the movie but you can't when you are always being bitten!

6:27 AM  
Blogger Casie Maeve said...

I've never been to a Drive-in, but I wish I have. They seem like such a wonderful concept.

You always have such interesting stories here! I love it!

1:57 PM  

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