Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Oldman

Toumas called to ask me if I wanted to tag along with him to look at a car he'd heard about. So I decided it would be fun to get out of the house. We traveled to myrtle creek. The old man that was selling the car to toumas owned a spread of land filled with lodge pole pine and old cedar trees reaching, high into the sky. As we pulled into the drive way, there were more cars than we expected. Soon the old man come out to see what the dogs were barking at. Toumas got out of the car and the oldman began showing us what he had for really cheap as I remember Toumas explaining to the man that he doesn't have much money.

Walking towards an old barn just a few yards away, leaning towards the massive door he slides it open. Several small cars and a couple of trucks were setting in the barn along with an old buckwagon that happened to be in mint condition for as old as it was. We forgot about the cars for awhile as we took in all the antiques that was just lying around it was like a time tunnel several mgb spitfires a 1942 Chevy truck and a 1963 Chevy corvair. As we started walking towards his house he said to us if you think you've seen it all take a look at this we walk into his living room yes I said living room there set a 1926 Oldsmobile it was a beautiful, car but I couldn't get over it being parked in his living room.

As we stood chatting to the oldman you could tell he was having a great time showing his treasures to us and sharing some of his life, stories. We learned that his wife and two sons died back in 1940, from a fire, that had started some time in the night while he was at his Mother and Fathers house in Washington state.

Toumas noticed we had been there with the oldman close to three hours and we had to get headed towards home so we said our good byes. I started thinking about the oldman while we were going back home my heart felt sad for Him. It seemed that he gave up after losing his family. Still there at the same house the damage of the fire still visible, the boys toys were still in the barn where they had left them. There are times when I think I have a lousy life, then I meet someone who seems to have it even worst than I do. At least I have a family that I can visit. Life is so sad to be alone at least it is to me anyway.


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