Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fishing Again

I've been fishing the last couple of days Toumas called and asked if I would like to go with him. I didn't know he liked to fish. If I had known we would of been doing this along time ago. His step son is really cute when he sees me he says Hey moon and waves. I think he's five years old When he gets older I'm sure he will be standing beside us when he gets the bug for fishing but right now he couldn't careless about fishing. He takes his cars and motor cycles with him when he goes with us. Toumas cut his hair the other day into a Mohawk, it looks good on him. Robert was suppose to come by yesterday it never happens. I figure Mom and Brenda are at Michelles house by now. They will be heading back home Monday.

I'm going to be fifty three years old at the end of the month. It's starting to get scary-- my health isn't that great anymore, I've always been over weight I have smoked cigarettes for 40 years and I feel it more all the time. I know you're asking yourself why don't you quit ? I have tried to several times and have failed for years. But it has been on my mind so much the fact that it's slowly killing me I have recently hated to light up and I think it's turning out to be benefiting me now cause I haven't been smoking. I seen the doctor a month ago She told me I seriously need to quit smoking I said to her why should I quit ? It's already to late. She said like hell it is. You do have chronic c .o. p. d. which means there is damage to your lungs but quiting now will stop it From advancing to more serious problems.

I've been recording all of my country music CD's to my computer. I met a girl that has a really nice collection of country Music albums and I have been recording them and adding them to my personal collection of albums. I now have over two thousand songs. Dad was into country music when we were growing up and I have most of his favorite Artists. I need to get the rest of Merle Haggards albums and that will be the next album to be completed.


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