Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brenda and Mom Arrive

Wow I never planned on being gone so long-- I'm really glad to be home now. Colorado is a beautiful State, first time I ever seen so much snow. Driving was a trip-- one time I stepped on the break for a red light and the car didn't stop. It was a really weird experience any other time ive pressed the break pedal i came to a stop. But not this time I slid right through-- luckily there wasn't any other cars on the road or crossing the intersection as I slid through. I really missed blogging while I was gone it's becoming a pretty cool hobby, there's always something to write about.

We're starting to get some really nice sunny days now,I went out to the lake a couple of times this week and spent the day there. It was really nice Today Mom,Brenda,arrived for there visit we we're expecting. I had a good time with the both of them. Shayne and Robert two of my three, brothers were there also. Mom is still looking really good I love her with all my heart Brenda seems to be so much happier now in life and that means alot to me. We all sat around the motel room talking about every thing especially about years that have gone by some time ago. Shayne is the comedian of the bunch and keeps us laughing our ass off, telling jokes-- and being goofy as he always is.

Tomorrow is Mothers day which reminds me I must make her a card with psp7.4 a graphix program I have mastered several years ago. Tomorrow we'll all be over at dads place except Mom She'll stay at the motel I'm sure and I'll probably stay and talk with her just to keep her company. I recieved an email from shmamber shmamber a fello blogger who stops by this blog of mine and leaves a comment when she visits Thanks shmamber I appreciate your comments and your concern of what happened to me I didn't plan on being gone as long as I was---it won't happen again because I was lost with out blogging.


Blogger shmamber said...

No problem hon, I was just concerned...

I am glad you had a good time in your absence.

Hint for stopping a vehicle in the snow... tap the brakes... pump them.... this will stop the car... it always works.... ;)

11:18 AM  

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