Saturday, May 27, 2006

This chat room is a place where I go to chat with friends all over the globe. I have been chatting here for over ten years. I know all the regulars that come in to chat. There are several rooms in the chat house and some 80.000 people. I have had alot of good laughs from this place and what is really strange,is I couldn't tell you what they look like personally. I only know them as there screen names. If you haven't figured it out yet my screen name is BlueMoon. I've known dagwood for ten years he is alot of fun to play with. He is a master mind at trivia and he likes to play it in the 40+room. Come see me some time watch for the nick name BlueMoon.
*** Signoff Ghostrider (70.51.59).
[sweetNshy] *hugs* dagwood good bye (even though he cheats)
[BlueMoon] huggs sweetNshy come see me again
[sweetNshy] *hugs* BLueMoon bye it was very nice meeting you *S*
[BlueMoon] applause
[BlueMoon] same here sweety
*** Steve41 (80.192.40) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[dagwood] everyboby gone bluemoon?
[BlueMoon] kind of looks like it dag
*** BigShinyInuk (66.165.219) has left location 40plus
*** Rick34 (#66.66.143#) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[pinkpixie] im still here. got ants comming from every where! ;0(
[BlueMoon] hands her a can of raid
[dagwood] reaches in his bag takes out an expensive imported cigar and gives it to bluemoon before dagwood leaves...
[dagwood] gives pikpixie a goodbye hug...
[pinkpixie] bloody things cant see where they r commingfrom, * grabs can and sprays under arm pits*
[BlueMoon] well thanks dagwood nothing like a good smelly cigar
[pinkpixie] y where u going dagwood?
[dagwood] to find you and expensive engagement ring - wink...
*** Rick34 (#66.66.143#) has left location 40plus
[pinkpixie] oh good i lost mine! ;0(
[dagwood] pinkpixie how do you maintain you astonoshing beauty?
[BlueMoon] hands dagwood a cold beer till next time
[pinkpixie] i just do, i know im soooo stricking aint i? lol
*** woman (##24.109.43##) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[dagwood] bows to bluemoon and tells him that dagwood benefits from bluemoon's divine and comprehensive wisdom...
[BlueMoon] Hello woman nice to see you
[dagwood] tells pinkpixie that dagwood prefers ugly women himself...
*** Charmed (4.224.117) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[BlueMoon] well thanks dagwood same to ya
[Charmed] hugggsss dagwood
[dagwood] gives a flower to charmed...
*** Signoff dagwood (207.22.49).


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