Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tropical Fish

I use to raise oscars a few years ago 1974 they are awesome fish to watch and explore. I have had several oscars which are part of the ciclid family my favorite is the tiger oscar. I bought six of them at one time hoping to get a male and female out of the six and I did get a male and female. I had the Oscars for almost a year and then some way some how they ended up dead on the living room floor one night when my girlfriend and I was leaving town for a few hours.

She had her cat with her when she came by my house She didn't want to drive back to her place so she left the cat at my place when we came back I stepped on one of the oscars my fish I loved so much were DEAD because of a cat good thing it was carols cat the woman I love then---wanted to pay for the fish No your not doing that sweety I should of thought of the fish it's not your fault.
I had several years of breeding fantail guppies and experimented with keeping the male and females apart until the female hadn't gave birth for two months straight.

Then I would introduce a male to her tank for a week or two after that I would take the male back out of her tank and tag his not to use again until the next breeding. I did that with three male guppies and one female guppie. I ended up with blue tail guppies yellow tail and orange tail guppies and lots of extra guppies ..Then one day I went to Alberts pet store and found a fish that really caught my interest their known as convicts their a cute fish about and inch and a half long black and white stripes Hence the name convicts they are mouth brooders one of the to male or female keep the babies in their mouth when danger arrives.

I finally became friends with the fish store owner and started learning a lot more than I did when I didn't know him. We started hanging out-- I went to his place to install some new aquariums in his walls he had a huge house and he would knock out a wall and reinstall it with aquariums inside around on the outside is where he did the cleaning and transferring aquariums it was fun. He had a lot of marine fish also very expensive and very beautiful fish. He had a Lion fish it was deadly if it stuck you with one of it's fens I had great respect for the lion fish just didn't seem possible something as beautiful as that fish was but deadly.

He also had a puffer fish it was really fat and when it seen you coming towards the tank it would puff up really big and round with lots of spines to prick you with. Albert had a great business out of his garage He had loads of brine shrimp he was growing he had a wormbed-- He sold worms to his customers meal worms, red worms, glass worms. He sold gold fish for ciclids and larger fish. Albert was a man that new his fish-- where they came from-- some were from the tropics or from Africa or maybe even from Asia.

He ran a tropical fish club in Ventura California a lot of people were involved with the club it made things interesting I have to say Albert taught me everything about Tropical Fish. I went to ventura California back in 1994 Albert was still there at the same place but now his house was his tropical fish Store his hobby moved him right out of his first house into a nice new house in Oxnard California it was nice to see him again the only thing different was His son runs the store now.....Wow thats been thirty two years ago.


Blogger Princess said...

I stopped by your blog after reading your comments on shmamber's site. Her fish are really beautiful. I never really understood why people enjoyed having fish in their home until shmamber and b bought theirs. I visit their home several times a week and always enjoy the peaceful feeling that is evoked having a cup of coffee and looking at her gorgeous fish.

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Blogger shmamber said...

In one tank (40 gallons) I have 2 Green Terrors. This will do for a little while because they are only 4 inches long....

In my 90 gallon I have a Jack Dempsey, A Green Severum, a krib, a pretty large pleco, a sunshine catfish, an iridescent shark, a Florida Oscar (it's yellow and black) a unknown fish (which is my favorite... not sure if it is a type of Midas or a hybrid of some sort)....

Until recently I had a pair of breeding Convicts. The convicts had babies, shortly after we moved them into another tank and well they got stressed out from the move and end up kicking it.... we still have over 40 babies though in the other tank.

My son has a tank too, he has fancy guppies, mollies, a lake fish (unknown yet), and zebra danios....

I love fish, I never did before but they are beautiful. I know that my large tank will cause troubles once they get bigger, but I do also have a friend that owns a fish store and he is willing to take anything that gets too big... or doesn't get along well in my community tank. We had the Green Terrors in there too, but we have put them by themselves recently to see if we can breed them....not sure if they will or not... funny thing is that my JD and my female terror were actually paired off... I just didn't want any hybrids.... She doesn't like the male yet, but we will see what happens....

I have a 75 and a 90 gallon waiting to be set up... I am still getting all the necessities for them. We got them for a great price and couldn't turn the tanks down. This fish hobby isn't a cheap one that is for sure, here in Canada the prices for fish tanks are almost double what you pay for them in the US.... makes me think I should start my own business and get the supplies from the States... that may be an idea but for now I will just try to enjoy my fish and see what I can breed..... Thanks for stopping by... I will continue to come to you blog, I LOVE FISH TOO! :)

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