Friday, April 07, 2006


Today we say goodbye to her. Meaning at 1:00pm I will be at her funeral. It has been a really long week in a sense. I'm sure it's because I was use to her coming around every morning having coffee or even breakfast. I really enjoyed her company. I have been alone for sixteen years or more now and being alone can be really hard at times so I guess... I was enjoying her company more than I realized. It couldn't be love because in my fifty two years of life I've found that Love doesn't work... For some reason and it isn't because I didn't want it to.

I tried love three times. Maybe with going to the funeral will help say goodbye and missing her will ease. I know it takes time....Funny how time eases pain....Soon I'll be back up and visiting others and would jump right in to help anyone......It seems to be a weakness of mine.

Harvest Moon

I'll think of you in the morning....I'll think of you in the noon.... I'll think of you in the evening...We'd sit in the light of the harvest moon....It is now all a memory....When I now sit with you...It will always be my Darling in the light of the Harvest Moon.


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