Tuesday, April 04, 2006

She Liked Chili

The last two days have been long of course day light savings time counts for one reason and the other is My friend passed away Sunday I know it's only Tuesday but I already miss her being around. Her laugh told me things were okay with her She was feeling pretty good. She was often ill the kidney machine she would hook up to every night drained her energy. She had diabetes for several years and she suffered with that also. My heart went out to her she needed help and there wasn't anyone around who cared enough to help her.

After She and I became friends She took a fancy to a card game called "skip-bo" It became our favorite pass time during the day and into the evening. She was always tired and not eating right so I asked her if She wanted me to help her through the day and if She needed anything during the night to just call me. I began fixing all of her meals for her We would walk to Fred Meyers store for groceries or odds & ends. Some times we would walk over to wendys and buy the chili, She loved it. I always had the famous star burger chili would kill me If I ate it. Not that it wasn't any good because it is good.

One of the biggest things that seems really strange to me is that I miss the sound of her motorized wheel chair coming up behind or beside me as we walked along garden valley Blvd. She was popular here at Orchard Knoll the apartment complex where we lived. She did have her mean side but everyone still liked her she ended up in the hospital she called me and wanted me to bring the cards so I did we played a few games every time I visited her. She was looking good her color in her cheeks was back she didn't look so pale any more. She did ask me a really strange question Saturday night. She asked if I would look over Sarah her daughter when She was gone and the next time I came to see her would I kiss her on the lips? I never seen her again She passed away the Next Morning around 8:am.


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