Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good By My Friend

I woke up this morning with something on my mind it was 7:30 am. I lit my first cigarette,after I finished sitting for about an hour checking my email. I decided to take a shower because I new I couldn't go back to sleep. I might as well start my day off right. A nice hot shower is always good for the soul. I came out into the living room and sat down at my desk putting my socks, on. I noticed the red light on my phone blinking alerting me to new messages. It was Sarah asking me to go over to her grandmothers house to let her know Joyce ( her daughter) had just been taken to the hospital with a major heart attack or stroke and to please come to the hospital as soon as possible.

After it all sank into my head I realize that my card partner was laying in the hospital possibly dead right now. My mood changed quickly I felt alone. As I thought of Her My heart wrenched with sorrow,I had just talked to Her the night before. I feel bad that I didn't get to see her before she passed. I have been in a cloud most of the day because of her passing,I went to the store this evening not hearing Her wheelchair beside me was very unsettling it was just to quiet. She had a beautiful smile one that I'll never forget,and boy was She great at cards. I have lost so many friends to death since I have lived here.

Some have cooked for me some have sewn my pants or put buttons on my shirts. They've become very close friends a real part of my life. I never liked drinking when I was young I hated,the taste of beer still do. I have never done any hard drugs ever,couldn't tell you what it's like. My heart goes out to them but the alcohol has them down. And it is or has ruined there life. I encountered marijuana when I was twenty five years old I liked it and still do. But it doesn't run my life when I feel like smoking a bowl I do. There are times I can go weeks with out using it.

My heart goes out to Sarah Joyces daughter She has been really dreading Her Mothers death. Joyce I know you'll be better now there's no more pain nor tears anymore. I'll miss you and my heart will be with you....Good..By My Friend.


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