Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gone Fishing

I couldn't wait to get out on the rocks just above the river where I had plenty of line to cast out into the rapids waiting for the big daddy Chinook salmon to go swimming by. I thought I would bring hobo Earl with me to the river for the day He really don't believe that the Chinook salmon that swims by every once in awhile is as big as I say they are. I even showed him the article with the picture of the salmon in the left column but he still didn't believe it until he seen it fer himself .

Some times Old timers can be that way I guess. Pretty soon the guys across the river caught a fish and the fight was on for just a couple of minutes anyway until they realized it was a sucker fish that live on the river bottom. Sometimes you just have to spend your time on the river waiting but the time will come when they hit and when it happens you best be ready cause there's going to be an explosion of action as fast as I can say bingo. Earl has walked up the river it seems like he is enjoying himself. He don't get out very often anymore I thought it would do him good to come along.

Pretty soon Robert my brother showed up with some burgers from whopper land I yelled at Earl to get his attention to come up and have a bite to eat. It was the first nice day of the spring season and the sun feels really good on my face. The sound of the water crashing and churning among the jagged rocks tends to take you away into a land of peace and serenity it's so calm and peaceful you actually hate to leave and go back to the fast pace of life in town just a few miles away.

It was starting to get dark now so it's about eight o clock-- time for us to head back home we loaded things back up and headed home. Earl told me he had a great day and thanked me for letting him tag along. Your always welcome to come Earl we didn't get the big daddy today but there's always a next time. Just watch and see I'll show you some time this year. Earl asked how much a license cost to catch one of those Salmon I might as well catch one too shouldn't I. You can do that we'll get you one next time.

As we started the truck and heading towards home Earl suggested we stop at the pizza parlor and have a couple of beers and some taco pizza before it got to late. The only thing we had to eat all day was a couple of burgers from whopper land while we were on the river fishing. All in all we had a great time for the first beautiful day of spring.


Blogger a dracul said...

Hey Larry why don't you ask M for a cover, or are you too chicken to ask ;-) it's not fighting talk if i smile when i say that yes. I feel a little bad after all you saw her first, oh and i hope you never catch big daddy and never give up trying, i am not sure of the usual phrase just know the aviator one, clear skies and watch your six

3:42 AM  
Blogger shmamber said...

I love the water too, I have never fished but I love the way the water makes me feel. I love going out on a boat or just canoeing.... there isn't a more peaceful feeling. I am sure I will try fishing this year, my man wants to go, I can't just sit around and let him do all the work can I? That would mean I would have to watch the kids... I think it would be more fun if we got the kids involved....

7:03 AM  
Blogger a dracul said...

hell yeah you could catch some really huge fish with kids as bait, ok not funny sorry oops, oh look over there.

11:38 AM  

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