Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cruising The Internet

Wow can you believe it's April already. I woke up this morning and programmed the new telephone I bought. It's a pretty nice telephone the piece of junk I had went by by to a million pieces freakin thing would just hang up, about five seconds after you said hello...It was really irritating. I been trying to figure this adsence thing out to hopefully get more traffic to my site. I've also found a couple of sites and left comments on them a dracul
it's his name I guess. He seems to be very well educated and some what sarcastic but also interesting to read he says that he is more civilized than I am and my hats off to him...

But then again is he?...With His amurkan comment made me wonder? Following his messy links he left lying around I found another interesting blog that I will be visiting daily it's a young woman's blog shmamber on Her blog she writes about normal everyday life in Winnipeg Canada with her husband Brian, and her two children. She seems to have a very caring heart. She wrote in Her blog yesterday about drunk drivers why do they get behind the wheel when they know it's wrong. She has an interesting blog. I hope to chat with her some time and include her with my daily comments as I chat with many people all over the globe it's a tiny place we live on.

I have visited this blog several times and I find the writings interesting she is known as Lady M lives in Alaska She posted some pictures where she lives. She is a very talented and creative writer. I find myself on her blog lately pretty often. Reading some of what she writes sounds a lot like the way I think. But I actually enjoy writing erotica what keeps me from it is the family I have that reads my blog daily,I wouldn't want them to see me in that light. Aother place I visit from time to time I recieved a comment from Her today after I left a comment on Lady M's blog. check out savannah's place she's another creative writer. I'm sure I seen some Dragons in there as well as a Werewolve. Or did I?


Blogger a dracul said...

Hey larry, the name's Des or Desie, dracul is postnominal title i am trying to sell them to crazy yanks haven't found any who will put up the $9.99 admin fee,

but you might have noticed in your travels, not the best time to be an amurkan if you want to feel loved, not clear whether you were reconsidering my educatedness, sarcasm or civility with the But then again is he?... unless it was a general existential question, in that case Is anyone?...

never fully got the hang of this interverse thing, but i don't think your comment took if you posted one on my site, by all means try again if you wish, amber's more real, and I am currently grinding an axe on lay magistrates since you elect your judges probably won't be of much personal interest to you.

wish you mashallah with nation shall speak peace unto nation, reminds of that old saying the eye of a needle is not too narrow for two friends to pass together, nor the whole world wide enough for two enemies.

can't think what you might have commented on, are you sure it was my site?

12:50 PM  
Blogger Savannah Jordan said...

Families are a great deterent from writing erotica; hence the penname for me. I hope you find a way to release the visions you hold.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Lady M said...

Hiya Larry! Thanks for the compliments *blush*

You could always write an unknown name blog - and never tell anyone... LOL!

Have a splendid day.

Lady M

11:46 PM  
Blogger shmamber said...

Thats what I was going to suggest, you can make another one and either don't show it on your profile or make a whole new name... then it won't be traced back to you unless you want it to be.

3:02 PM  

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