Monday, March 27, 2006

Old Time Cartoons

Wish that I could time warp--back to the days of my youth--when I'd wake up Saturday morning to watch the..Now--old time cartoons. Tweedy Bird is watching the putty cat down below. Wiley coyote chasing the Roadrunner where ever he'd go. Popeye and Pluto seemed to always be dueling it out.. And if you'd been listening closely you'd hear the tune of Mighty Mouse. Then you'd have Tom and Jerry chasing through the house. Yogi bear and booboo is running in Yellowstone National Park with a pick nick basket tucked beneath there arms. Daffy duck is sprinting to dodge the hunters spray,the Tazmanian devil spinning in his dazzling way. OH how I wish I could time warp back to the days of my youth,when I'd wake up Saturday Morning to watch the Now Old Time Cartoons.


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