Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Old-Rivers and Me

I found this song stuffed in a drawer I put it into the stereo and listened to it.It actually sent me back to several years ago it reminded me of when Mom and Dad were still married back. When life was so much Happier, and so much easier,I miss those days deep down in my heart.

How old was I when I first saw oldrivers? I can't remember when he wasn't around. That old fellow did an awfull lot of work. He spent his whole life walkin plowed ground. He had a one room shack not far from us and I guess we was about as poor as him. He had one old mule he called midnight, and I use to trail along after them. He use to plow them rows straight and deep and I'd come along there behind bustin up clods with my own bare feet Old-rivers was a friend of mine.

Aww that sun got high and that mule would work and oldrivers would finally say whoah and he'd wipe his brow and lay back on them ranes and he'd talk about a place that he was going to go. He'd say one of these days I'm going to climb that mountain I'm gonna walk up there among them clouds where the cottons high and the corns a growin and there ain't no fields to plow .

I got a letter today from the folks back home, oh there all fine and the crops are a little dry. Down near the end mom said I don't know if you'd heard son but Oldrivers died sittin here now in this new plowed earth just trying to find a little shade but with that sun beating down across the field I see that mule, Oldrivers, and me. yeah He'd say one of these days I'm going to climb that mountain I'm goina walk up there among them clouds where the cottons high and the corns a growin and there ain't no fields to plow. With the sun beatin down across the field I see that mule, Oldrivers, and me .

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sad Friday

Maybe, you've noticed I haven't been writing as much lately. I'm sorry for that some of you have thanked me for the stories, I write and that alone, encourages, me to keep writing for the ones who like them. Sadly I have been bitten, by the depression bug, "I'm having an emotional break down I think?". I'm having panic attacks that are very scarey. I haven't went to the Hospital because I'm afraid of what they may tell, me or maybe, when I get there they'll strap me down and make me higher, than I want to be, or Lower, than I want to be.

I haven't been feeling well for several weeks now and it's getting a lot worse than I had realized. Feelings of what has happened in my life. The loss of my first wife due to a divorce we went through. The loss of another wife through yet another divorce I was really young, back in the seventies, again in the eighties, For some reason Three marriages didn't work one because of adultry on her part of course and another to adultry I guess I just didn't pick-em right. I realize we all make mistakes in life but when someone feels they can't deal with out cheating then your on your own in my book.

I wonder, if and where, I went wrong to live the way I have to live. Child Support is killing me I'm disabled due to smoking for thirty five years. I just recieved a call from Disabilitie Services telling me that I no longer have Oregon Health Plan because I make to much money yet I'm living on five hundred and eleven dollars a month. I have always loved the memories that I have as a child growing up yeah dad thought he was a comedian and laughed at all of our down falls and he was even the instigator of some of them also.

A couple of years ago I wrote a poem about a special camera my sister gave to me when I was a young boy and it goes into detail of the reasons why it was so special to me due to the fact it holds lots of memories and how could you leave it behind with so many wonderful memories and good times that were recorded with this special camera.....

A Camera Special To Me

If my house was on fire and there was only one item I could save it would have to be the camera my older sister Shirley once gave to me. This camera sends my mind back to once when I was young; there are so many memories of the things that we had done. Camping trips, Disneyland, even the Grand ole opry traveling across route 66 no longer a reality, but still the highway we traveled to see our distant family. Barbeques, Volleyball, we even swam the great Cumberland Lake this camera holds lots of memories in the pictures my father would always take. So if my house were on fire and there was only one item I could save it would have to be the camera my older sister Shirley once gave to me.

This weekend Friday the eleventh, of August 2006 I went to my fathers house to visit my sister and her family that came up from California for a visit, as I sat on the front deck outside I noticed a big box of pictures of all The Moon Kids when we were young children. When Mom and Dad were younger too there were School pictures, Vacation pictures, family gatherings, everything families do. I looked over to my Sister Shirley and asked her if she remembered some of the pictures I was holding up for her to look at She said yes I remember.

Dad was sitting outside with us and I asked "why are all the pictures sitting out here?" His reply was "were throwing them away" I couldn't believe what I heard from him I started looking at all of my childrens pictures that were given to Mom and Dad The "Grandparents" when they were younger and just starting out having a family. Most Normal GrandParents would keep them on the wall in their house or setting on a shelf somewhere displayed and proud to be seen by visitors who stop by and visit or at least let my kids see the pictures of me when I was a little boy.

All of the memories of us when we were young thrown in the trash as if our life didn't matter and all the family Gatherings doesn't mean anything to him. I've often wondered if he ever loved his kids because of the way he treated them I've often wondered if he ever cared for us Why he never encouraged his children to strive for the best they could achieve. I know he cared he showed it in so many, ways. We had great christmas's,We had great food and we had nice clothes to wear, we enjoyed many great vacations,too.

The way I see it is once he lost everything he had by divorcing Mom and running off with his new bride wasn't enough he wants to destroy the memories too, but to throw away the pictures of all your children is simply Idiotic.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Haunted House

Alice couldn't wait until we had everything unpacked and all the pictures on the wall in there proper place. It was a two bedroom house that sat up on a hill over looking Umpqua valley, she loved the town, and we were new to the area. I worked for my father in a service station which was a stones throw, away from where we were going to be living. I liked the landscaping, we had three big redwood tree's that seemed to kiss the sky. Rose bushes dressed the driveway along with several meadow ferns, The backyard was huge with a chain link fence for the dog we would eventually get .

I've always heard stories about haunted houses, and ghosts, but I've never really believed in them, until I experienced it myself. I was sitting on the couch when I first felt a feeling as if someone walked past me and then sat beside me on the couch. I never really thought anything about it until I looked at the cushion and seen an indentation on the sofa cushion, as if a three hundred pound person was sitting there next to me. As I sat there trying to figure it all out James, started crying very loudly up stairs in his room, as I entered the doorway His bed was shaking very violently, he was trying to get out of the bed but everytime he went to crawl to the side of the crib he would be pushed to the otherside of the crib.

I remember learning, in a bible study that you could call on the name of God, and he would protect you. So I thought I would try it and it worked but for only a few hours. Alice was due home from work, I new I couldn't show any kind of emotions to what was happening around the house, so I tried to play it straight as I sat in the rocking chair to feed James, as she walked in the house. After we had dinner and spent some family time together it was rather quiet around the house for a couple of hours, then we heard another strange noise in the kitchen. I got up from the chair I was sitting in and went into the kitchen, to see what was going on. The drawer was hanging from it's slot it sat in and all of the silverware was laying on the floor.

Alice went crazy on me, she new what was happening immediately, there wasn't any explanation to a drawer pulled from it's slot and the utensils laying on the floor, and she believed in ghosts anyway. I did everything I could to calm her down, she told me there isn't anyway in hell, I'm staying in this house ever again. I new she would feel that way and I was kind of relieved that she new about the things that were happening, and she filled me in on some of the things she had noticed yesterday, but didn't tell me about them.

I hated to move, we were going to lose a few hundred dollars for our change of mind. But I figured that it would be the best thing to do considering how freaked out Alice was. I couldn't tell the landlord that the house was haunted, I know he would of laughed his ass off at me, I wasn't willing to take that chance .

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pharoh's Nest

It was finally Friday we've had three very hot days here in town and I couldn't wait to head for the coast, according to the local news it‚’s forty degrees cooler. The coast is only sixty-eight miles away, knowing I could be there in the next hour and a half was the kicker. I stopped at the house and threw a few clean clothes into a suitcase grabbed my bottle of sun tea and I was on my way.

The ocean air smelled great and the seventy-degree weather was perfect. I spotted a small run down motel off to the right side of the road. The marquee lights flashed of red to draw attention to the motel and the miss-spelled word was supposed to say vacancy's. As I opened the door to the lobby, there was an older woman sitting at the counter,She looked as if she were sleeping. Banging on the bell sitting in the corner quickly brought her to attention,pissed over my actions she screamed "What do you want",My reply was,"what do people usually want when they enter this dump?”

She looked at her ledger and mumbled room thirteen is open. "I'll take it,I said. Handing me the register She replied,"that will be forty dollars sir". I paid her the money and took the key from her soft wrinkled hands she smiled and while walking past me saying "follow me my dear man" we walked out side, pointing to the room, She then politely remarked "if you need anything else feel free to let me know". I unlocked the door dropping my bags into the wicker chair that sat along the wall.

I opened the double windows, to let some fresh air into the room; I flopped down on the queen size bed turning,the television on. About the time I started to get into CSI somebody knocked on the door I opened the door wondering, who it could possibly be, since I didn't know anyone in town. A beautiful young lady standing at the door, said hello,my name is Z,” Her hair was reddish orange,she had eyes of blue,that seemed to reach deep into my soul.

I invited her in to have a chat,and to find out why she came to my door. After she was there for awhile she admitted to me that her grandmother,sent her my way. Z said grandma,"is always trying to find me a man she told me that you had just came to town and she thought maybe I could show you the way around this sand pit". It sounded as if she didn't like the town her Grandmother lived in but the Idea sounded good to me. I asked if she had dinner yet?

She told me she would be glad to show me a nice restaurant just a few miles from town the food was great and it was a popular place to have dinner. I took a quick shower and shaved while Z went to get cleaned up herself. A little while later she came back to the motel room ready to go. We both jumped in the truck and headed to Pharohs Nest. We fed each other not-so-delicate bites of PITA bread smothered in gourmet spreads.

While we were heading back to the motel room Z asked if I had ever surfed She said “she would be glad to teach, me and that I'd love it once I get the hang of it. Since I had the rest of Friday, and Saturday, She thought we should get started right away She happened to have two surfboards at her grandma’s out back. We picked up the surfboards and headed for the beach, we were close enough it took all but ten minutes to get there.

Sadly the weekend was coming to an end. I did finally figure the stance out while surfing and I managed to ride a couple of small waves. The time had come for me to head for home,I didn't want to miss work Monday morning. I thanked Z for the great weekend and asked if I was to come back again would she teach me more surfing techniques. She smiled and said "Gladly" she asked me to call her when I made it home I told her I would and that I had a great weekend with her.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Best Of Both Worlds

Copyright 2000 by Wildthing. All rights reserved.

Fifteen year old Greg sighed as he went into his room. Another day was over. A day were most of the time was spent inside a classroom, listening to the teachers boring lectures. After school he had, as usual, gone straight home. He had done his homework, and when he was finished it was time to go to bed according to his father. What kind of idiot said 'tomorrow is another day'? Saying that his life was boring was a big underestimation. His father dominated him.

And had done so ever since his mother died two years ago. That bastard expected straight A's on every single test, and Greg had little other choice than use most of his spare time studying. If he ever ended up with a B, he'd always get the usual speech that 'B stands for Bum!' Of course his social life suffered, and he ended up becoming known as 'Greg the Nerd'. Luckily tomorrow was Saturday. His father usually left him alone in the weekend.

With a yawn he undressed and went to bed. That was the last thing he ever did as a human. FLASH! He was in the middle of the forest. The air was cool and quiet, and the moon was glowing on the night sky. Together with the others he began howling towards it. Howl? FLASH! Greg jumped up from his bed. What the hell was that? One moment he was in bed, in the next he was howling towards the moon. Was it just a dream? But it had been so real. He had heard about flashbacks, but how could.

FLASH! He ran through the forest on all fours. It was dark, but that didn't bother him. With these eyes everything was broad like daylight. Ran? On all fours? FLASH! There it was again! “What's going on?” he muttered to himself. Could it be a bad trip? That might have been possible if he had done drugs in his past, witch he of course hadn't. Maybe he was simply going crazy. Greg noticed that his breath began to shorten and quickly sat down on the bed. “Calm down,” he thought. “It's nothing, it's just...”

FLASH! He was back in the forest. He and the other wolves were howling towards the moon. The other wolves? FLASH! Greg found himself on the floor, and now he beginning to get scared. He was really short breathed now, and his heart was racing dangerously fast. It felt like it was ready to jump out of his chest. Whatever was wrong it was serious. He struggled to his feet and was about to open the door to get some help. Funny, had the bed always been so small?

“It's almost like I…” He froze and watched the bed continue to get smaller for each second that passed. With a shock he understood it was he who grew. At the same time he felt that his muscles began to reformat themselves greatly. A sensation of heat washed through him. It wasn't painful, but felt like he suddenly was swimming in lava. In front of his own eyes his arms began thicken, his muscles becoming more defined. He continued to grow, a few centimetres at the time. Desperately he opened a drawer and pulled out a tiny mirror. And almost dropped it. The face he saw was his own, but in the mirror two amber eyes glowed back to him.

Greg was sweating profusely now, and he really did drop the mirror when it began to itch all over his body. “Now what?” he thought. He looked down on his chest and got the answer he didn't want. On his chest, hair began to grow at a fantastic rate. In seconds it spread to his shoulders, arms and legs. Gradually the hair thickened and became grey fur. Fur? Unable to do anything else out of pure shock, he watched the fur spreading and thickening across his body.

Greg wasn't stupid. He knew this wasn't some kind of hallucination. He also knew that something like this was physically impossible. And he didn't have the slightest idea on how to become normal again. Greg jumped when his bones began to crackle, pop and bend in a way no torturer would have thought possible. But it wasn't painful, although he knew it should have been. Yet, he made a cry of surprise when it began, and discovered that the transformation had affected his vocal cords as he heard his own deep, rumbling voice.

Finally his underpants gave after for the pressure by the increased mass. They fell to the floor just to reveal a body witch was completely covered in fur. At the same time his face began to elongate with a terrible sound. Together with the rest of his body, his hands grew to the point were they could crush bricks without straining. His row of teeth began to reshape in a way that would have impressed any dentist. The teeth sharpened and took new places, while others grew out where none had been before. A weak human mouth became powerful wolf jaws. His ears began moving to a point as his muzzle finished.

A funny sound from behind him got Greg to look over his shoulder. Behind him a tail swished from side to side. Just when he thought that all the changes were done, his wolf senses began to awake. A dog went by a few yards down the road, a squirrel sat in a tree right outside the window, insects crawled across the ground. His head simply flooded with smells and sounds. Only seconds later the wolf instincts hit him like a brick wall. The wolf in him didn't like to be locked up in a small room; it wanted to get out. It took all his willpower to remain where he was.

“No, no, no!” he thought. “My name is Greg, I am a human, not some damn wolf!” He blinked. Then he began laughing hysterical.

“Human? Let's see: I am six foot tall, I am covered in grey fur, I have some real heavy-duty claws, I have a tail, and generally looks suspiciously like a wolf. And I'm a human. What a joke!” Greg tried to stop laughing, because he knew that if he didn't stop now, he never would. “Easy now, Greg. This isn't so bad, of course not.” He took the mirror he had dropped, and began to examine his new self in more detail. A powerful jaw equipped with some VERY sharp teeth. Pointed ears. Amber eyes. Skin that was completely cowered in thick, grey, beautiful fur. And a tail that lived it's own life half the time. “Crazy.” He thought. And a few seconds later: “But pretty cool in a way.”

After a while even he had to admit that he looked good, in a wild way. He was an unbelievable combination of human and wolf. Even with the fur he could se his muscles, much more defined now. They were almost massive. His arms and legs were jointed just like a human. Greg began to like what he saw. “I'm a...werewolf.” He whispered. “I am a god damn werewolf.” Greg had always thought that werewolves was something drunkards and Hollywood had invented. Now he knew better. He put down the mirror and closed his eyes.

The instincts were there. He could still think like a human, but at the same time he could also think like a wolf. And that wolf wanted to get out of this tiny room. Greg opened the window and looked out. A human would not have been able to see longer than a few yards at most, but for Greg's eyes it looked like broad daylight. A gentle breeze rattled with the leaves, and above the treetops he could see the moon, bright and full. Driven by irresistible instincts, he jumped out.

For hours a creature, whose kind is considered a myth by most, ran from place to place in the forest. The wind played with the grey fur, and glowing eyes searched the surroundings. On the top of a ridge he stopped, his eyes glued to the moon. He let loose a deafening howl that could be heard several miles away. “From now on,” he thought with a grin, “the nights are gonna be so cool.”

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

His Name Was Rosko

I worked for my father at a gas station he managed in Santa Anna California. One evening during my shift at the station a German Shepard dog wondered into the station and laid down under the canopy in the shade. I was talking to him and petting him of course his tail was wagging so I figured I have a new found friend.

I gave him most of my French fries while I was eating my lunch, I also shared some of the burger I had. I began making sure he had water to drink, and some food for him to eat, while he hanged around at the station. It had been close to three days since Rosko, showed up, when dad came to me and said "the dog has to go Larry,I'm calling the pound if you can't find someone who wants him in a couple of days." I new dad wasn't going to change his mind but there wasn't anything I could do

Later, that evening, I made sure his water pail was full of fresh water, and I set out some dog food for him. It was 11:30, pm and time for me to go home for the night. I petted Rosko on the head and told him I would be back tomorrow, after school. He wagged,his tail and kind of said goodbye,in his own little way. Bob Thompson, was the graveyard man, who worked at the station during the late shift. Some time early in the morning around 3:00 am,an armed robber opened the door to the office,where bob was sitting,and stuck a gun in his face,asking him for all of the money.

Rosko sprang into action jumping and biting at the robber scaring the crap out of the robber forcing him to run away. I was proud as hell of Rosko and so was dad. Dad new what I was thinking and he made it clear that Rosko still had to go. The Local News reporters showed up and did a news clip about the dog foiling the armed robbery after the news was in the paper and also on television.

My father received a telephone call from Rosko's owner. The man introduced himself as the dogs owner and asked if he could drive there and pick up the dog. Of course dad said he could the man and his family showed up the next weekend pictures and all proving that Rosko belonged to them. The real story is how the dog made it from phoenix Arizona to Santa Anna California.? I've often wondered about that.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th Of July

She never knew it was coming. I asked barb to go with me to the concert at Stewart Parks half shell--little jimmy was going to be there and I wanted to see Him, so did Barb. I took her to the Road House for dinner before the show so we had a great night. It's been the best fourth of July I've had for a while now. The fair will be coming up soon in August but this weekend coming up is Graffiti Weekend it's when all the Antique Car buffs get together with the community and show their cars,but the cars must be at least thirty years old. I remember when Graffiti night began in the eighties. The community voted for the name of the special weekend to be Graffiti Weekend.

It's now been twenty years ago, it seems to of just started yesterday, how time flys when your no longer young. There were over ten thousand at the half shell last night it didn't seem that many but it's what I heard on this mornings local news. The music was great and the fireworks were too. Barbara did a lot of dancing to the tunes and of course she laughed her ass off, the woman is always laughing it's why I enjoy her so much, She never seems to be angry She's My kind of women. I've known Barbara and her husband, for several years but they have since divorced, She moved into the Apartment Complex where I'm also living.

Now as the summer starts to disapear into spent memories of barbques and friendship gatherings. We have the Blackberry Festival in Sutherlin and then the fair. Finally september 2nd will be labor day the last holiday before school starts again. Seems the best time of the year slips buy so much faster than the cold winter rainy days do here. I have to move in may my two year limit will be up then. I haven't decided where I'll go but I'm looking to find the Sun. Some where I can find sunny days instead of dark, cold, gloomy, cloudy days. Oregon isn't the land for a Sun Worshiper like me .

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blue Iris

an Image I created last night...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lake Success

We had been fishing most of the day it was getting late so we decided it was time to head back to camp. Once we got to camp Greg, went to get some groceries for dinner and breakfast. After he came back to camp we had dinner, then we sat around the fire chatting about the fish we had caught and where we would fish the next day.

There were several different lakes that were pretty close to our campsite. About nine o clock I decided to pull out the hot dogs and roast a few of them along with some marshmallows. Brenda my Sister was tired so she climbed into the truck and went to sleep. Soon afterward Greg, Robert, and I lay our sleeping bags out on the ground next to the fire getting ready to turn in for the night.

After we lay there for a while we could here something rummaging through the trash. Greg looked over towards the noise and spotted a black bear sniffing around and making his way, towards us where we were laying in our sleeping bags. The bear walked into our camp and instantly found our icebox, sitting in front of it shattering it to peaces with one blow to the top of the icebox.

Robert my Brother asked what should we do? Just lie there and be really quiet. The bear walks over to Greg and smells his hair and head and moves down his torso sniffing as he descends down Greg’s body. The bear makes his way over to where I was laying; soon he was standing over me sniffing my hair making his way down my torso as well.

Finally it was Roberts’s turn to go through the terror of a black bear, breathing and sniffing over him. Robert was the victim of some very potent feet when he was young. As I remember, Mom made him set his shoes out side at night. The bear sniffed Robert’s hair as well and made his way down Robert’s torso finally arriving down to Robert’s feet the bear shook his head, while sneezing, and then took off hauling ass out of the campsite.

Afterwards, we scrambled to our feet to check on each other and try to gather, our nerves. Finally morning arrived and Brenda climbs out of the truck, Greg her husband was up before she was cooking breakfast, for all of us he told her about our experience with the bear that Roamed into our campsite the night before.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Drive-In Theater ( revised )

Drive in movies were a big part of our family when we were young kids Elvis presley movies were a big attraction back then. Dad would drive up to the speaker and roll down his window hanging the speaker inside so we could hear the movie. Sometimes the drive in didn't have speakers so we would tune in the sound on the car radio. My sister Shirley and I went to get popcorn and cokes she always hated that part people would just stare at us when we ordered twelve boxs of popcorn and nine small cups of coke then carrying all of it back to the car was a challenge to get it all there without dropping and spilling all of it.

There were usually two shows a night at the drive-in when one ended it was a clue to get to the snack bar and buy what ever you wanted giving the person who ran the projector enough time to set it up for the next movie. Usually there would be children playing on the swings or the slide during intermission waiting until the lights went off for the next movie to start. By the time the second movie started three or four of my brothers and sisters would be sound asleep in the back of the station wagon leaving only the older ones wide awake enjoying the movie.

Finally when I was old enough to go to the movies with my friends we would take our girl friends or at times it would just be the guys who went. I remember taking folding chairs and sitting beside the car to watch the movie and a few times we would take gregs fathers truck and sneak my brother and gregs nephews in the movie that way we would only have to pay for greg and I to get in . It was only a couple of bucks but we did it just to see if we could get away with it. Now days when I sit and reflect on the things that we had done becomes A Moment To Remember.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Lonely Road

It was a long lonely road on the way to Las Vegas but according to the newspaper it's the place I need to be if I want to find work. I packed up everything I owned and headed out to sin city. I drove for several hours through the Mojave desert, About seventy five miles out of Boron is when my truck died I looked down at the gas guage and sure enough it read empty to my surprise.

I jumped out of my pickup and started walking the lonely road that lay ahead of me. It was getting late in the evening in a couple of hours It will be dark but cooler it was all I could think of. The sweat had been running down my back and torso like a river for most of the time, I'd been walking. Just as the sun was setting, I could see head lights coming over the hill it was nice to see that someone else was on the same highway as I was.

Soon the black limo pulls up beside me as the back window slides down. I heard a nice soft voice asking me what in the hell are you doing out walking in this kind of heat? Let me guess she said the rusty brown pick up we seen six miles back belongs to you? The closest gas station is another thirty miles away by the time you get there the station will be closed. I'll call a tow-truck out to bring you ten gallons of gas. Finally the tow-truck arrived with the ten gallons of gasoline. I handed the lady a fifty dollar bill and thanked her for

her help and for being so kind it's not every day I meet people like you. She handed me her card as I opened the door to the rusty brown truck and sat down ready to head towards sin city once again. Once I started driving down the road I began reflecting on the events of the day how lucky I was when this pretty red head lady came my way.

Monday, June 05, 2006

California Dunes

Wind blown sand is hard to keep out of your eyes when It's coming from a smooth dune buggy tire spinning down the beach. I loved going with Dad and his friends when they were called out to look for people who became lost. It was a massive area and it was very easy to become lost with nothing out there but white sand. I remember on the fourth of July there were hundreds of people and hundreds of dune buggies hoards camping all along from Pismo Beach ramp all the way to Muscle Rock which was a stretch about two miles long .

We would drive up and down the beach, looking for buggies stuck in the surf or people who ran out of gas, or even needing a jump. Dad had a 56 Studebaker 440 along with a three quarter racing cam I really don't remember what all of that meant but I know it was fast. Dale a good friend of dads painted the name "limping Lena" on the back of the gas tank. The frame of the buggy was 3 inch tubing the same with the roll-bars that ran from the firewall over the passenger area. We had a second dune buggy we pulled out of storage when we finally arrived at the apartment Mom and Dad owned .

Finally with all of us loaded into the dune buggies we headed out to the dunes. At times I got to drive, the Packard once dad had it on the beach I loved it especially at night, sitting around the camp fire listening to the waves crashing, on the rocks as the tide rolled into shore . The next morning on the forth of July there were races against different types of dune buggies the only two types I remember were v8 engines known as water pumpers and the other was air cooled like the VW's which were becoming popular in the early sixties .

I still hear the waves crashing among the jagged rocks and it sends my mind flashing to memories of Muscle Rock.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

A time for picnics, time off work -
Vacations and the "Indy" -
A holiday, too often times
We forget what, it should be.

A time to pay respect to those
Who rallied to the battle cry -
Who gave their lives for liberty -
Those freedoms for you and I.

Such a waste of brave young souls -
Some still struggling through their youth
Who faced and fell willingly
Before wartimes' awful truth.

So as we share this holiday
With our friends or family -
Take a moment to give thanks to
Those who died so we'd stay free.

Let us strive for world peace -
For the end of greed and hate -
For next time, after "the war"
It just may be too damned late.

unknown author

Saturday, May 27, 2006


This chat room is a place where I go to chat with friends all over the globe. I have been chatting here for over ten years. I know all the regulars that come in to chat. There are several rooms in the chat house and some 80.000 people. I have had alot of good laughs from this place and what is really strange,is I couldn't tell you what they look like personally. I only know them as there screen names. If you haven't figured it out yet my screen name is BlueMoon. I've known dagwood for ten years he is alot of fun to play with. He is a master mind at trivia and he likes to play it in alamak.com the 40+room. Come see me some time watch for the nick name BlueMoon.

*** Signoff Ghostrider (70.51.59).
[sweetNshy] *hugs* dagwood good bye (even though he cheats)
[BlueMoon] huggs sweetNshy come see me again
[sweetNshy] *hugs* BLueMoon bye it was very nice meeting you *S*
[BlueMoon] applause
[BlueMoon] same here sweety
*** Steve41 (80.192.40) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[dagwood] everyboby gone bluemoon?
[BlueMoon] kind of looks like it dag
*** BigShinyInuk (66.165.219) has left location 40plus
*** Rick34 (#66.66.143#) 40plus / Welcome!!!
[pinkpixie] im still here. got ants comming from every where! ;0(
[BlueMoon] hands her a can of raid
[dagwood] reaches in his bag takes out an expensive imported cigar and gives it to bluemoon before dagwood leaves...
[dagwood] gives pikpixie a goodbye hug...
[pinkpixie] bloody things cant see where they r commingfrom, * grabs can and sprays under arm pits*
[BlueMoon] well thanks dagwood nothing like a good smelly cigar
[pinkpixie] y where u going dagwood?
[dagwood] to find you and expensive engagement ring - wink...
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[dagwood] pinkpixie how do you maintain you astonoshing beauty?
[BlueMoon] hands dagwood a cold beer till next time
[pinkpixie] i just do, i know im soooo stricking aint i? lol
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[dagwood] tells pinkpixie that dagwood prefers ugly women himself...
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[BlueMoon] well thanks dagwood same to ya
[Charmed] hugggsss dagwood
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Oldman

Toumas called to ask me if I wanted to tag along with him to look at a car he'd heard about. So I decided it would be fun to get out of the house. We traveled to myrtle creek. The old man that was selling the car to toumas owned a spread of land filled with lodge pole pine and old cedar trees reaching, high into the sky. As we pulled into the drive way, there were more cars than we expected. Soon the old man come out to see what the dogs were barking at. Toumas got out of the car and the oldman began showing us what he had for really cheap as I remember Toumas explaining to the man that he doesn't have much money.

Walking towards an old barn just a few yards away, leaning towards the massive door he slides it open. Several small cars and a couple of trucks were setting in the barn along with an old buckwagon that happened to be in mint condition for as old as it was. We forgot about the cars for awhile as we took in all the antiques that was just lying around it was like a time tunnel several mgb spitfires a 1942 Chevy truck and a 1963 Chevy corvair. As we started walking towards his house he said to us if you think you've seen it all take a look at this we walk into his living room yes I said living room there set a 1926 Oldsmobile it was a beautiful, car but I couldn't get over it being parked in his living room.

As we stood chatting to the oldman you could tell he was having a great time showing his treasures to us and sharing some of his life, stories. We learned that his wife and two sons died back in 1940, from a fire, that had started some time in the night while he was at his Mother and Fathers house in Washington state.

Toumas noticed we had been there with the oldman close to three hours and we had to get headed towards home so we said our good byes. I started thinking about the oldman while we were going back home my heart felt sad for Him. It seemed that he gave up after losing his family. Still there at the same house the damage of the fire still visible, the boys toys were still in the barn where they had left them. There are times when I think I have a lousy life, then I meet someone who seems to have it even worst than I do. At least I have a family that I can visit. Life is so sad to be alone at least it is to me anyway.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sweet Sarah

I know it wouldn't work it's just not right me being 53 and you being 24 I thank you for all the compliments that you give me. But it just won't work you can say I've been there and done that. When I was only eighteen years old I left the home of my mother and father things weren't good there. I had met a woman who was thirty three years older than me I lived with her for seven years and I thought I loved her. Soon afterward, I moved to Oxnard California with her I started working at Channel Islands Harbor and met a beautiful girl who was the same age as I was. After visiting her for several months I began leaving early in the mornings and staying late into the evenings with my new found friend.

Nancy knew something was up because I was always gone anymore. Finally I decided it was time for Nancy and I to go our separate ways. I hurt her more than I ever thought I would. She held onto me begging me to stay but I left anyway. When I first met,Lori I remember thinking how different a fifty three year old woman looks when you compare them to a twenty one year old woman. I remember being bored when I was at home with Nancy because we didn't like the same things. You told me yesterday that you get bored while your here with me. I understand that for that is the way it was with me also. I thank god I had enough insight to know better than to go to bed with you. The talk around Orchard Knolls would of been that I took advantage of you and that I was only interested in one thing and being that it didn't happen then it can't be said. I am so proud of that.

You are a beautiful girl and I will always look after you in my kind of way, because your Mother asked me too. I'll still fix you dinner we'll still go places together and We'll still go for our drives in the country. We'll still have barbecues at your place. But I think you need to find a partner who is the same age as you. Invite him to a barbecue or maybe even a movie. Eventually maybe I'll find some one who is right for me,in time you'll find that this was the right thing for me to do.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fishing Again

I've been fishing the last couple of days Toumas called and asked if I would like to go with him. I didn't know he liked to fish. If I had known we would of been doing this along time ago. His step son is really cute when he sees me he says Hey moon and waves. I think he's five years old When he gets older I'm sure he will be standing beside us when he gets the bug for fishing but right now he couldn't careless about fishing. He takes his cars and motor cycles with him when he goes with us. Toumas cut his hair the other day into a Mohawk, it looks good on him. Robert was suppose to come by yesterday it never happens. I figure Mom and Brenda are at Michelles house by now. They will be heading back home Monday.

I'm going to be fifty three years old at the end of the month. It's starting to get scary-- my health isn't that great anymore, I've always been over weight I have smoked cigarettes for 40 years and I feel it more all the time. I know you're asking yourself why don't you quit ? I have tried to several times and have failed for years. But it has been on my mind so much the fact that it's slowly killing me I have recently hated to light up and I think it's turning out to be benefiting me now cause I haven't been smoking. I seen the doctor a month ago She told me I seriously need to quit smoking I said to her why should I quit ? It's already to late. She said like hell it is. You do have chronic c .o. p. d. which means there is damage to your lungs but quiting now will stop it From advancing to more serious problems.

I've been recording all of my country music CD's to my computer. I met a girl that has a really nice collection of country Music albums and I have been recording them and adding them to my personal collection of albums. I now have over two thousand songs. Dad was into country music when we were growing up and I have most of his favorite Artists. I need to get the rest of Merle Haggards albums and that will be the next album to be completed.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brenda and Mom Arrive

Wow I never planned on being gone so long-- I'm really glad to be home now. Colorado is a beautiful State, first time I ever seen so much snow. Driving was a trip-- one time I stepped on the break for a red light and the car didn't stop. It was a really weird experience any other time ive pressed the break pedal i came to a stop. But not this time I slid right through-- luckily there wasn't any other cars on the road or crossing the intersection as I slid through. I really missed blogging while I was gone it's becoming a pretty cool hobby, there's always something to write about.

We're starting to get some really nice sunny days now,I went out to the lake a couple of times this week and spent the day there. It was really nice Today Mom,Brenda,arrived for there visit we we're expecting. I had a good time with the both of them. Shayne and Robert two of my three, brothers were there also. Mom is still looking really good I love her with all my heart Brenda seems to be so much happier now in life and that means alot to me. We all sat around the motel room talking about every thing especially about years that have gone by some time ago. Shayne is the comedian of the bunch and keeps us laughing our ass off, telling jokes-- and being goofy as he always is.

Tomorrow is Mothers day which reminds me I must make her a card with psp7.4 a graphix program I have mastered several years ago. Tomorrow we'll all be over at dads place except Mom She'll stay at the motel I'm sure and I'll probably stay and talk with her just to keep her company. I recieved an email from shmamber shmamber a fello blogger who stops by this blog of mine and leaves a comment when she visits Thanks shmamber I appreciate your comments and your concern of what happened to me I didn't plan on being gone as long as I was---it won't happen again because I was lost with out blogging.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

isn't It Lovely

isn't it lovely Lady M created this book cover for me to encourage me to keep writing and maybe some day I will be able to write the kind of stories she writes..Check out her site and read for yourself. Lady M

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gone Fishing

I couldn't wait to get out on the rocks just above the river where I had plenty of line to cast out into the rapids waiting for the big daddy Chinook salmon to go swimming by. I thought I would bring hobo Earl with me to the river for the day He really don't believe that the Chinook salmon that swims by every once in awhile is as big as I say they are. I even showed him the article with the picture of the salmon in the left column but he still didn't believe it until he seen it fer himself .

Some times Old timers can be that way I guess. Pretty soon the guys across the river caught a fish and the fight was on for just a couple of minutes anyway until they realized it was a sucker fish that live on the river bottom. Sometimes you just have to spend your time on the river waiting but the time will come when they hit and when it happens you best be ready cause there's going to be an explosion of action as fast as I can say bingo. Earl has walked up the river it seems like he is enjoying himself. He don't get out very often anymore I thought it would do him good to come along.

Pretty soon Robert my brother showed up with some burgers from whopper land I yelled at Earl to get his attention to come up and have a bite to eat. It was the first nice day of the spring season and the sun feels really good on my face. The sound of the water crashing and churning among the jagged rocks tends to take you away into a land of peace and serenity it's so calm and peaceful you actually hate to leave and go back to the fast pace of life in town just a few miles away.

It was starting to get dark now so it's about eight o clock-- time for us to head back home we loaded things back up and headed home. Earl told me he had a great day and thanked me for letting him tag along. Your always welcome to come Earl we didn't get the big daddy today but there's always a next time. Just watch and see I'll show you some time this year. Earl asked how much a license cost to catch one of those Salmon I might as well catch one too shouldn't I. You can do that we'll get you one next time.

As we started the truck and heading towards home Earl suggested we stop at the pizza parlor and have a couple of beers and some taco pizza before it got to late. The only thing we had to eat all day was a couple of burgers from whopper land while we were on the river fishing. All in all we had a great time for the first beautiful day of spring.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tropical Fish

I use to raise oscars a few years ago 1974 they are awesome fish to watch and explore. I have had several oscars which are part of the ciclid family my favorite is the tiger oscar. I bought six of them at one time hoping to get a male and female out of the six and I did get a male and female. I had the Oscars for almost a year and then some way some how they ended up dead on the living room floor one night when my girlfriend and I was leaving town for a few hours.

She had her cat with her when she came by my house She didn't want to drive back to her place so she left the cat at my place when we came back I stepped on one of the oscars my fish I loved so much were DEAD because of a cat good thing it was carols cat the woman I love then---wanted to pay for the fish No your not doing that sweety I should of thought of the fish it's not your fault.
I had several years of breeding fantail guppies and experimented with keeping the male and females apart until the female hadn't gave birth for two months straight.

Then I would introduce a male to her tank for a week or two after that I would take the male back out of her tank and tag his not to use again until the next breeding. I did that with three male guppies and one female guppie. I ended up with blue tail guppies yellow tail and orange tail guppies and lots of extra guppies ..Then one day I went to Alberts pet store and found a fish that really caught my interest their known as convicts their a cute fish about and inch and a half long black and white stripes Hence the name convicts they are mouth brooders one of the to male or female keep the babies in their mouth when danger arrives.

I finally became friends with the fish store owner and started learning a lot more than I did when I didn't know him. We started hanging out-- I went to his place to install some new aquariums in his walls he had a huge house and he would knock out a wall and reinstall it with aquariums inside around on the outside is where he did the cleaning and transferring aquariums it was fun. He had a lot of marine fish also very expensive and very beautiful fish. He had a Lion fish it was deadly if it stuck you with one of it's fens I had great respect for the lion fish just didn't seem possible something as beautiful as that fish was but deadly.

He also had a puffer fish it was really fat and when it seen you coming towards the tank it would puff up really big and round with lots of spines to prick you with. Albert had a great business out of his garage He had loads of brine shrimp he was growing he had a wormbed-- He sold worms to his customers meal worms, red worms, glass worms. He sold gold fish for ciclids and larger fish. Albert was a man that new his fish-- where they came from-- some were from the tropics or from Africa or maybe even from Asia.

He ran a tropical fish club in Ventura California a lot of people were involved with the club it made things interesting I have to say Albert taught me everything about Tropical Fish. I went to ventura California back in 1994 Albert was still there at the same place but now his house was his tropical fish Store his hobby moved him right out of his first house into a nice new house in Oxnard California it was nice to see him again the only thing different was His son runs the store now.....Wow thats been thirty two years ago.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cruising The Internet

Wow can you believe it's April already. I woke up this morning and programmed the new telephone I bought. It's a pretty nice telephone the piece of junk I had went by by to a million pieces freakin thing would just hang up, about five seconds after you said hello...It was really irritating. I been trying to figure this adsence thing out to hopefully get more traffic to my site. I've also found a couple of sites and left comments on them a dracul
it's his name I guess. He seems to be very well educated and some what sarcastic but also interesting to read he says that he is more civilized than I am and my hats off to him...

But then again is he?...With His amurkan comment made me wonder? Following his messy links he left lying around I found another interesting blog that I will be visiting daily it's a young woman's blog shmamber on Her blog she writes about normal everyday life in Winnipeg Canada with her husband Brian, and her two children. She seems to have a very caring heart. She wrote in Her blog yesterday about drunk drivers why do they get behind the wheel when they know it's wrong. She has an interesting blog. I hope to chat with her some time and include her with my daily comments as I chat with many people all over the globe it's a tiny place we live on.

I have visited this blog several times and I find the writings interesting she is known as Lady M lives in Alaska She posted some pictures where she lives. She is a very talented and creative writer. I find myself on her blog lately pretty often. Reading some of what she writes sounds a lot like the way I think. But I actually enjoy writing erotica what keeps me from it is the family I have that reads my blog daily,I wouldn't want them to see me in that light. Aother place I visit from time to time I recieved a comment from Her today after I left a comment on Lady M's blog. check out savannah's place she's another creative writer. I'm sure I seen some Dragons in there as well as a Werewolve. Or did I?

Friday, April 07, 2006


Today we say goodbye to her. Meaning at 1:00pm I will be at her funeral. It has been a really long week in a sense. I'm sure it's because I was use to her coming around every morning having coffee or even breakfast. I really enjoyed her company. I have been alone for sixteen years or more now and being alone can be really hard at times so I guess... I was enjoying her company more than I realized. It couldn't be love because in my fifty two years of life I've found that Love doesn't work... For some reason and it isn't because I didn't want it to.

I tried love three times. Maybe with going to the funeral will help say goodbye and missing her will ease. I know it takes time....Funny how time eases pain....Soon I'll be back up and visiting others and would jump right in to help anyone......It seems to be a weakness of mine.

Harvest Moon

I'll think of you in the morning....I'll think of you in the noon.... I'll think of you in the evening...We'd sit in the light of the harvest moon....It is now all a memory....When I now sit with you...It will always be my Darling in the light of the Harvest Moon.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

She Liked Chili

The last two days have been long of course day light savings time counts for one reason and the other is My friend passed away Sunday I know it's only Tuesday but I already miss her being around. Her laugh told me things were okay with her She was feeling pretty good. She was often ill the kidney machine she would hook up to every night drained her energy. She had diabetes for several years and she suffered with that also. My heart went out to her she needed help and there wasn't anyone around who cared enough to help her.

After She and I became friends She took a fancy to a card game called "skip-bo" It became our favorite pass time during the day and into the evening. She was always tired and not eating right so I asked her if She wanted me to help her through the day and if She needed anything during the night to just call me. I began fixing all of her meals for her We would walk to Fred Meyers store for groceries or odds & ends. Some times we would walk over to wendys and buy the chili, She loved it. I always had the famous star burger chili would kill me If I ate it. Not that it wasn't any good because it is good.

One of the biggest things that seems really strange to me is that I miss the sound of her motorized wheel chair coming up behind or beside me as we walked along garden valley Blvd. She was popular here at Orchard Knoll the apartment complex where we lived. She did have her mean side but everyone still liked her she ended up in the hospital she called me and wanted me to bring the cards so I did we played a few games every time I visited her. She was looking good her color in her cheeks was back she didn't look so pale any more. She did ask me a really strange question Saturday night. She asked if I would look over Sarah her daughter when She was gone and the next time I came to see her would I kiss her on the lips? I never seen her again She passed away the Next Morning around 8:am.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good By My Friend

I woke up this morning with something on my mind it was 7:30 am. I lit my first cigarette,after I finished sitting for about an hour checking my email. I decided to take a shower because I new I couldn't go back to sleep. I might as well start my day off right. A nice hot shower is always good for the soul. I came out into the living room and sat down at my desk putting my socks, on. I noticed the red light on my phone blinking alerting me to new messages. It was Sarah asking me to go over to her grandmothers house to let her know Joyce ( her daughter) had just been taken to the hospital with a major heart attack or stroke and to please come to the hospital as soon as possible.

After it all sank into my head I realize that my card partner was laying in the hospital possibly dead right now. My mood changed quickly I felt alone. As I thought of Her My heart wrenched with sorrow,I had just talked to Her the night before. I feel bad that I didn't get to see her before she passed. I have been in a cloud most of the day because of her passing,I went to the store this evening not hearing Her wheelchair beside me was very unsettling it was just to quiet. She had a beautiful smile one that I'll never forget,and boy was She great at cards. I have lost so many friends to death since I have lived here.

Some have cooked for me some have sewn my pants or put buttons on my shirts. They've become very close friends a real part of my life. I never liked drinking when I was young I hated,the taste of beer still do. I have never done any hard drugs ever,couldn't tell you what it's like. My heart goes out to them but the alcohol has them down. And it is or has ruined there life. I encountered marijuana when I was twenty five years old I liked it and still do. But it doesn't run my life when I feel like smoking a bowl I do. There are times I can go weeks with out using it.

My heart goes out to Sarah Joyces daughter She has been really dreading Her Mothers death. Joyce I know you'll be better now there's no more pain nor tears anymore. I'll miss you and my heart will be with you....Good..By My Friend.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Old Time Cartoons

Wish that I could time warp--back to the days of my youth--when I'd wake up Saturday morning to watch the..Now--old time cartoons. Tweedy Bird is watching the putty cat down below. Wiley coyote chasing the Roadrunner where ever he'd go. Popeye and Pluto seemed to always be dueling it out.. And if you'd been listening closely you'd hear the tune of Mighty Mouse. Then you'd have Tom and Jerry chasing through the house. Yogi bear and booboo is running in Yellowstone National Park with a pick nick basket tucked beneath there arms. Daffy duck is sprinting to dodge the hunters spray,the Tazmanian devil spinning in his dazzling way. OH how I wish I could time warp back to the days of my youth,when I'd wake up Saturday Morning to watch the Now Old Time Cartoons.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm Sorry

I went to an appointment yesterday morning. After I finished with signing the papers I walked over to Stewart park just a block away. The sun was bright and warm on my face I sat down indian style on the grass to smoke a cigarette and watch traffic pass by just spending time in the sun, it makes the soul feel good. I flashed on a memory from sixteen years ago. Just a few days before my divorce was final it was the last time I would see her as a lover and a wife.

She noticed me sitting their-- knowingly, it was her best bet to swing by Stewart Park she would probably find me their...She noticed the car parked in the parking lot just down the street. She walked up to the pick-nic table and sat down with the kids. I knew what she was doing....being the bitch she could always be. She proceded to tell me she didn't love me any more and how un-happy she really is. Sneakishly (is that a word?...sure has a nice sound..) she slides a manila envelope over to me, saying here's your divorce papers it becomes final march thirteenth. I didn't want her to see me in the shape I was soon going to be in...My head crashing and my heart tremendously shattered from the freight train that just ran over it .

I asked if she was finished? She looked at me surprisingly as if I was going to attack her.( which I've never done ) Are you finished I asked? waiting for a few long seconds,I turned around walking back to my car. Thoughts were racing in my head. As i was driving off, I thought of my children seeing there Mom and Dad as a couple for the last time.--at times I thought it would kill me. Rejection is a very painful emotion I felt it deep in the heart, especially when it involves a younger man and a better looking man at that. I couldn't blame him for it...when I wached at night...she opened the door...she showed him the bedroom...he didn't rape her. She had the cheating heart along with the lying eyes . I'm not at all sorry for the divorce...you can't make somebody love you. I'm saying I'm sorry to my children for letting them down bringing pain in there life.

I'm sorry for the times we never spent. I'm sorry for the places we never went. I'm sorry for the pictures we've never taken. I'm sorry for the love that has been foresaken. I'm sorry for the father never revealed, his place to be suddenly filled. I'm sorry for no albums of the high school prom. or the football games my son had won. I'm sorry for the life we've never had. How I wish I could of been their for that.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Day America Cried OUT

The alarm clock buzzing loudly so I would get up out of bed to start my day's work cleaning up the Resevoir so the visitors of the park would have clean restrooms and garbage cans to use during the day. It usually took me about four hours to get every thing done before the visitors would be there. When I finished with everything I had to do, I would travel to the local store it was only a couple of miles down the road from the Park. It was a regular habit for me to do. Once I arrived at the store I usually stood around for a few brief moments talking to the store owner.

As I walked into the store Jerry asked if I had seen the News yet this morning ? I said no what is going on ? He told me the United states is being attacked,by terrorists my responce was yeah right and when did this happen. He looked at me saying it's happening now take a look. He turned the small television he had sitting on the counter behind him so I could see the news broadcast. To my surprise it was real,I saw a jet fly into the first tower I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt terror,in my heart the first thing I thought of was all the people who were scrambling for their life and how could this really be happening. I immediately headed out the front door jumped into my truck and started to head back up the mountain road to the resevoir.

This time the two miles seemed to take longer to travel thoughts were racing through my mind of how could some body do this on purpose to deliberatly kill for the joy of hurting or getting even. I thought of the people who were in the building and seen the jet coming their way knowing it wasn't high enough to miss the building. How terrified they must have been I thought of their loved ones that would never see them again. Finally I get back to the trailer turning, the news on another jet crashed into the second tower. The towers were starting to fall, people were screaming as they were running to get out of the way from the debre of the first falling tower.

I witnessed a person jumping from the second tower to their death down below, so frightened and filled with terror their first reaction was to jump. I started praying for the people who were losing their lives,the children who were going to be left with out a parent or maybe even both parents. I thought of the firemen who had to enter the building to save, lives if it was at all possible,and the firemen who lost their lives while simply doing there job. The news wasn't just happening in New York City there was a third plane that hit the pentagon in Washington D.C. a fourth that had crashed due to the heroic Americans that crashed the plane trying to abort the attack where ever the terrorists were headed.

The news went on for days and even months of the attack it had a real effect on me mentally I couldn't sleep at night I finally made an appointment with my doctor to see if he could write me a script for a few sleeping pills. Eventually things started to fall back to normal I started to get back into my normal sleep habits It was a very frightening experience I'll never forget.

Mightiest Of Powers

Jehovah my Father mightiest of powers have you seen what Satan has done to the once standing Towers? He showered them with hatred and death. That is what cowards will do Killing Fathers,Mothers,Sisters,Brothers even there children too. The world is in mourning Jehovah sent warning of Satan's miraculous doom. This we can count on Jehovahs word is Faithful and True. Soon there after Jehovah My Father Mightiest Of Powers will make all things new.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I've Never Liked Dreaming

I've never liked dreaming it seems they've never come true. But yet here lately,It seems my dreams have centered on you. I have the mountains, lakes, and the forrest,even the bald eagles too. The only thing that is missing is the reality of the dream I dream of you. So you say that I'am a dreamer and you say some dreams do come true. So why don't you make me a believer? By making the dream I dream of you come true.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Moons Platoon

I can remember a time my father had to spend some time in jail due to nonsupport if you have read any of my storys you would know that I have several Brothers and Sisters plus one we didn't know of until dad went to jail. Mom loved dad with all of her heart she showed it in so many ways and one of the ways was by traveling every weekend to see dad at the road camp he was assigned to until his jail time was up which was six to nine months long .

While dad was there he worked on the fire crew He told us the officer who directed the guys on the fire crew always gave him the jack hammer to carry as they hiked back into the mountains to create fire roads. He felt it was because of his weight. Finally after he had been there for awhile a position opened up for some one to take care of the barricks while the fire crew was gone, during the day and my father got that position so off the fire crew and into the kitchen my father went .

After his daily duties were done he would make my Sisters jewelry boxes out of manzanita wood. He also made some nice looking lamps out of the same kinda of wood the shade part of the lamps were made out of a fiberous material that came from the yucca plant that grew in the area where he was located. While out on the road crew clearing brush every once in awhile they came across a rattlesnake of course they would kill it and Dad would give the rattler to us boys .

I remember I had one rattler that had thirteen vertebres on it I was told that the rattlesnake was thirteen years old each vertebre meant one year of life for the snake. Most of the time my Grandma and Red ( Our step Grandpa ) would always go along with us to visit Dad. After we had made several trips to visit Dad the head officer Always annonced Moons Platoon is here to the crowd of people it was also his way of calling Dad out to let him know that we were finally there for our visit .

Friday, February 24, 2006

My Fathers Laws

Between the covers of this book are my Fathers laws I pray you look He'll teach and guide you through out your life He'll even provide you exquisit delight He can move mountains He calms the sea He provided his son for you and me,so look towards the heavens with wide open eyes He'll soon be coming for you and I

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Summer Days Of 65

I can remember growing up with my siblings there's eight of us, four boys and four girls . Christmas was a really special time of the year . The christmas songs were always a special part . Bing Crosby records playing on the stereo, Burl Ives on the Television, singing Frosty, the snow man .Mom was busy cooking in the kitchen my sister Shirley helped her with the cooking or wrapping the presents . Usually Dad and I were putting, up the christmas lights, Robert a Brother of mine usually helping Dad and I . Some times we would go all out and set up the yard really nice . The part I hated was un-tangling the christmas lights .

My Grandmother and step grandfather would be there with us for christmas .We always celebrated opening our presents christmas eve . Dad would go to the store to get some eggnog and ice cream we usually had popcorn so we could string some around the tree . Mom was usaually involved with that along with eight kids screaming and some times bickering over who actually got to place it on the tree along with the Angel at the top, We had to have the angel . As the days grew closer toChristmas the house started taking on the look of a family celebrating the Christmas season.

Mom was always good at cooking, she would make pumpkin pie, along with the dreaded fruit cake, we never went, with out a turkey for our Christmas dinner . I remember one Christmas we had duck, and turkey . Dad liked to turn the lights on about dusk, We would travel around Santa Anna looking at all the houses decorated with lights . Some times Mom stayed home because she wanted to get some of the presents wrapped while the children were out, of the house because we were always looking for a missed place present that hadn't been wrapped yet .We would all sit around the kitchen table talking, cracking walnuts and drinking eggnog

Grandma and Red ( my step Grandpa ) would pull into the drive way. Of course all of the children were excited because Christmas eve is here it's the night we all go crazy. Christmas wrappings and bows strewn through out the house Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas, electric cars crashing or zipping down the hall,My Sister's are excited checking out their new Mary Popkins doll. The house was a wreck, for the next couple of days .We would have Christmas Dinner later that evenong we would go for a drive so Mom could see the lights she usually missed while wrapping presents. Christmas was a special time at the Moon Familys house and I miss them every year. I often travel back through memorie lane and think of the wonderful times we had when all of us were but only kids back in the year of 66

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Camera Special To Me

If my house were on fire and there was only one item I could save it would have to be the camera my older sister Shirley once gave to me. This camera sends my mind back to once when I was young,There are so many memories of the things that we had done. Camping trips,Disneyland, even the Grand ole Opry,traveling across route 66 no longer a reality. But still the highway we traveled to see our distant family. Barbeques,Volleyball,we swam the great Cumberland Lake. This camera holds lots of memories in the pictures my father would always take. So if my house were on fire and there was only one item I could save it would have to be the camera my older sister Shirley once gave to me.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Love Will Keep Us Alive

l was standing all alone against the world outside-you were searching for a place to hide. Lost and lonely now you've given me the will to survive. When were hungry Love will keep us alive. Don't you worry some times you just got to let it ride the world is changing right before your eyes. Now I found you theres no more emptyness inside. When were hungry Love will keep us alive. I would die for you climb the highest mountain baby theres nothing I wouldnt do. Now I found you theres no more emptyness inside When were hungry love will keep us alive. I would die for you climb the highest mountain baby theres nothing I wouldn't do . Iwas standing all alone against the world outside-you were searching for a place to hide. Lost and lonely now you've given me the will to survive. When were hungry Love will keep us alive.

The song is an Eagles song

The Graphic was created for me by Alita a good friend of mine check out her website.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Christmas Of 66

I can remember growing up with my siblings there's eight of us, four boys and four girls. Christmas was a really special time of the year. The Christmas songs were a special part. Bing Crosby records playing on the stereo, Burl Ives on the Television, singing Frosty, the Snow Man. Mom was busy cooking in the kitchen my sister Shirley helped her with the cooking or wrapping the presents. Usually Dad and I were putting, up the Christmas lights,Robert my Brother usually helping Dad and I. Some times we would go all out and set up the yard really nice. The part I hated was un-tangling the Christmas lights.

My Grandmother and step grandfather would be there with us for Christmas. We celebrated by opening our presents Christmas eve. Dad would go to the store to get some eggnog and ice cream. We usually had popcorn so we could string some around the tree. Mom was usually involved with that along with eight kids screaming and some times bickering over who actually got to place it on the tree along with the Angel at the top, We had to have the angel. As the days grew closer to Christmas the house started taking on the look of a family celebrating the Christmas season .

Mom was always good at cooking, she would make pumpkin pie, along with the dreaded fruit cake,we never went, with out a turkey for our Christmas dinner I remember one Christmas we had duck, and turkey. Dad liked to turn the lights on about dusk,We would travel around Santa Anna,looking at all the houses decorated with lights. Some times Mom,stayed home because she wanted to get some of the presents wrapped while the children were out,of the house because we were always looking for a missed placed present that hadn't been wrapped yet. We would all sit around the kitchen table talking, cracking walnuts and drinking eggnog.

Grandma and Red ( my step Grandpa ) would pull into the drive way Of course all of the children were excited because Christmas eve is here it's the night we all go crazy. Christmas wrappings and bows strewn through out the house Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas,electric cars crashing or zipping down the hall,sister's are excited checking out there new Mary Popkins doll. The house was a wreck,for the next couple of days. We would have Christmas Dinner later that evening we would go for a drive so Mom could see the lights she usually missed while wrapping presents. Christmas was a special time at the Moon family's house and I miss them every year. I often travel back through memory lane and think of the wonderful times we had when all of us were but only kids back in the year of 66.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Coo Coo Clock

I found myself sitting at the desk early this morning thinking of the new year that is now upon us. The window was wide open, I could hear the sounds of rain. Water splashing from the tires spinning down Garden Valley Blvd. I was very deep in thought as I imagined a coo coo clock chiming twice I flashed back by some fourty one years ago when Grandma was still alive and Robert one of my younger brothers and I stayed with grandma for the summer.

Granma worked for the Hearld Examiner She was in charge of the paper getting delivered to the paper carriers. The paper carriers had there own paper route, usually through the winter, and spring but when summer was in full swing most of the boys were with there family some where on vacation . Grandma couldn't do it by herself so she asked Robert and I, if we wanted to spend the summer helping her deliver her news papers she had over two hundred papers to deliver. We saved enough money to by brand new bikes at the end of summer.

I remember Grandma's house was an older one and the floors squeaked when you went down the hall to one of the bedrooms I use to lay at night and listen to all the different noises in the night as small kids usually do. Some times I would find myself a little freaked out when I heard a noise I wasn't use too. It was a weird neighbor hood any way we had several Hells Angels living next door. Something was happening all the time. constant beer drinking, we weren't allowed to go over there house ever just because of the kind of people hanging out.

When the women went to town they would take the station wagon. This car didn't have a windshield in it or any other windows for that matter kids playing in the back of it they could only drive it during day light because the car didn't have headlamps either...LOL you know this had to be in th early sixties or the police would be all over them now days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Whistler

When I was a young boy..Still living at home my father was always whistling no matter what he was doing or where he was going he had a tune to whistle. He listened to country music all the time. When I hear one of the old time songs I think of him and know if he was listening he'll also be whistling along.

As we traveled to our grandmothers house my Sister would sit up front with dad and they would sing songs together. He never liked to miss the Country Music Awards when they had their special on the air. We once traveled back east to visit some of our relatives in Ohio, Virginia we went to Nashville Tenn to visit the Grand Ole Opry. Everybody had a great time. I will always remember that summer it's one of my favorite vacation memories.

The Whistler

My Father is a whistler he whistles all the time My Father is a whistler to the tunes of Patsy cline. My Father is a whistler it's clear to every passing ear people always saying He fills the air with cheer asking him to keep on whistling as long as they were near. I know the dreadful day will come about when he'll no longer be whistling out loud. But he'll always be the whistler deep inside my mind.

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